The fee for the program is $400. It can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to listen to all five hours. The fee is not covered by insurance and needs to be paid in full prior to initiating services.

Program details:

Evaluation of client (depending on age and abilities, the evaluation may be compiled through parent report)

Access to the SSP playlists for 6 weeks (or more if necessary to complete the Core listening)

Biweekly contact to address challenges and discuss progress

Collaboration with treating therapist as needed

Post treatment reevaluation and discussion to assess progress and next steps

Some clients may benefit from a maintenance program called "Balance" which offers less filtered music. This music is available at a cost of $100 a month and does not include evaluations or consultations.

If we mutually agree that my counseling services would be beneficial while you are in the program, my fee per session is $150. Clients who are receiving SSP and my counseling simultaneously will receive a discount on the program fee.

Please contact me to discuss specifics.